When I go to every home and away game I find  it can take up my energy and this leaves me feeling drained. Things such as unpredictable score lines and negative fans who moan a lot can make it difficult for me but I try to keep myself positive and ignore the noise.

I can feel a bit wary talking to opposition fans at games because I’m not sure what mood they will be in but they are usually friendly and happy to talk. One day, when I was at a motorway service station I bumped in to some Middlesbrough fans who noticed my Norwich shirt. They said “You only drew against Sunderland” they were bantering about going up. They went all very quiet when I said “we managed to get 6 points off you this season”.

I drink a bottle of water to keep me feeling relaxed and it  helps me to talk to my mum and dad about my own concerns and it helps me to unravel my concerns to find out what’s going on.

Things that give me energy when I go to a football match are talking to away fans and talking to the catering staff at Carrow Road. I am very lucky to meet players sometimes after the match and I like chatting to them about the atmosphere and enjoy having my photo taken with them.

Sometimes I can become withdrawn and find it difficult to talk to people. I’m not being rude, I’m just trying to cope. Sometimes I say the wrong thing, I don’t mean to, I just want to be friendly.

Me and the Boss!
Me meeting the Boss in Germany!